10 Reasons Why My Thesis Took So Long To Write

1. I had to run that gel nine times before I loaded just enough to keep the
contaminants from showing.
2. I couldn’t remember the biological significance of my work.
3. Writing is very boring … although, I now have high score on
4. I had to repeat that last experiment four times to get the results
I wanted^D^D^D^D^D^D^D^D just right.
5. I had to wait three weeks for new cells as my original tissue cultures
are now a rhinovirus purification kit.
6. I was to busy in interviews with future employers (yeah right!).
7. My psychotherapy sessions took longer than I expected, but I’m
apparently doing much better.
8. I wanted my thesis to be not only informative but an entertaining work
of fiction.
9. Mine is not a hypo-thesis, it’s a hyper-thesis.
10.I don’t want to leave … please, don’t make me go … I like it here ..
it’s scary out there …

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