Excuses For Not Getting Married

I prefer senility.

I ‘m too young.

I’m too old.

I have to concentrate on my career.

I don’t have the time.

I haven’t found the right person.

I’m too set in my ways.

We don’t want kids, so why get married?

The words “I do” sound too much like “doo?doo”

I would get married, but I’m afraid of the blood test

I was looking for a girl like the one Dad married, but my mother turned me down.

He’s/She’s been married three times already.

I can’t stand writing thank-you notes, and I know if I got married, people would send presents.

Not getting married is the surest way of making sure you’ll never get divorced.

Filing joint returns is just too complicated.

I can’t get married until after my sister does. It’s family tradition. And my sister’s a nun.

I’m married to my work. It was a lovely ceremony, really.

Our signs aren’t compatible; he’s/she’s an Aries and I’m a Leo.

I’m married to my God.

If we got married, I’m sure we’d start to take each other for granted.

I promised my ________ before he/she died that I’d stay single.

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