Excuses For Not Giving a Pay Raise

There’s no money in the budget.

We can’t give you a raise now, but we’ll give you a bonus later.

We’d like to give you a raise, but you’re already at the top salary for your job.

We can’t, last quarter’s numbers were terrible.

I can’t give you a raise. Everyone knows I really like you. If I gave you a raise, they’d assume we were sleeping together.

I meant to give you a raise, but I got behind on my paperwork that week you were out sick, and I missed the deadline to put in for one for you.

You wanted a raise? Why didn’t you tell me? You seemed so happy?

I wouldn’t be doing you a favour if I gave you a raise. It would make you so highly paid that it would be hard for you to find another job.

A raise? The boss hasn’t had a raise or a vacation in five years. Who do you think you are??

You don’t want a raise. Most of it would just go to taxes.

Two big consultants came in to teach us ways to raise our corporate morale. They got paid the money that had been set aside for raises.

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