Making Wedding Plans

Stanley and Martha, 94 and 86 respectively, are excited about their decision to get maried and decide to go for a stroll to discuss their wedding plans. On the way, they pass a drugstore and Stanley suggests they go in. “Are you the owner?” Stanley asks the man behind the counter.

“Yes, I am,” the pharmacist replies.

“Do you sell heart medication?” asks Stanley.

“Yes, sir, we sure do,” the pharmacist says.

“How about medicine for circulation?” inquires Stanley.

“Many different kinds,” replies the pharmacist.

“What about medicine for rheumatism?” Stanley asks.

“Absolutely,” answers the pharmacist.

“How about Viagra?” asks Stanley.

“Most definitely,” the pharmacist answers.

“Medicine for memory?” Stanley inquires.

“Yes, sir, we have a large variety,” replies the pharmacist.

“What about vitamins and sleeping pills?” Stanley asks.

“Yes, of course,” says the pharmacist.

Stanley then turns to Martha and says, “Sweetheart, we may as well register our wedding gift list with them.

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