The Top Ten Reasons Why Statisticians are Misunderstood

1: They speak only the Greek language.

2: They usually have long threatening names such as Bonferonni,
Tchebycheff, Schatzoff, Hotelling, and Godambe. Where are the
statisticians with names such as Smith, Brown, or Johnson?

3: They are fond of all snakes and typically own as a pet a large South
American snake called an ANOCOVA.

4: For perverse reasons, rather than view a matrix right side up they
prefer to invert it.

5: Rather than moonlighting by holding Amway parties they earn a few extra
bucks by holding pocket-protector parties.

6: They are frequently seen in their back yards on clear nights gazing
through powerful amateur telescopes looking for distant star
constellations called ANOVA’s.

7: They are 99% confident that sleep can not be induced in an introductory
statistics class by lecturing on z-scores.

8: Their idea of a scenic and exotic trip is traveling three standard
deviations above the mean in a normal distribution.

9: They manifest many psychological disorders because as young
statisticians many of their statistical hypotheses were rejected.

10:They express a deap-seated fear that society will someday construct
tests that will enable everyone to make the same score. Without
variation or individual differences the field of statistics has no
real function and a statistician becomes a penniless ward of the

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