The World’s Coolest Guy Must

1. Laugh a lot
2. Read the newspaper
3. Care about something
4. Like the way I look in sweatpants
5. Sing along with the radio…LOUDLY
6. Know that I sing along with the radio…LOUDLY
7. Know how to dance
8. Never forget that there’s a “friend” in “boyfriend”
9. Know that “hearing” and “listening” are two different things
10. Be secure enough not to envy my teddy bear
11. Smile with his eyes
12. Wear a watch
13. Have strong hands
14. Think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
15. Have an opinion
16. Own at least one classical CD
17. Have close friends
18. Know how many people are in Congress
19. Think Pamela Anderson is “too thin”
20. Eat ice cream cones
21. Give good back rubs…
22. …and like to get them
23. Love his mother
24. Vote
25. Think that Mickey Mouse is a pretty cool guy
26. Love to hear me laugh
27. Make mistakes
28. Give great hugs
29. Take the road less traveled
30. Doodle
31. Be proud of my successes…
32. …and know that I am proud of his
33. DREAM!!
34. Wear sweaters
35. Know at least one poem by heart
36. Know how to pitch a tent
37. Know how to pitch a baseball
38. Be able to sew on a button
39. Remember the name of my teddy bear
40. Like to buy flowers…
41. …and to get them
42. Put up with me
43. Believe in magic
44. Believe in love
45. Know how to make chocolate chip cookies
46. Talk to himself
47. Think that love is forever
48. Read the editorial page
49. Know how to say “I’m sorry”
50. Know that no guy could ever be all of these things, but be
willing to give it a try

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