Top 10 Reasons Why Boston University is Annoying

1. Buying books at the BU bookstore is like a physical challenge in Double Dare.
2. Entering the residence hall requires more identification that passing through customs.
3. Escalators that don’t escalate.
4. Our largest area of green grass can be counted, blade for blade, as you pass it by.
5. The highest number of Porsches and BMW’s + the lowest per capita number of parking spaces for them = A real life simulation of “Frogger” on Commonwealth Avenue.
6. If you ask for no mustard, you get extra mayonaisse. If you say “Hola!” as you pass through the line, you get extra potato chips.
7. In Biology class you hear chirping sounds when studying insect physiology…you think, “Maybe I’m really going crazy,” but then turn to realize that it’s just someone’s cellular phone going off…
8. Every building on Cummington Street is painted to resemble every color of every after-dinner mint you’ve ever eaten.
9. Elevators that don’t elevate.
10. Student lounges resemble hotel lobbies, but student residences resemble a prison quarters.

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