Top Ten Intel Excuses

10. You mean 2.00000000 + 2.000000000 doesn’t equal 3.999998456?

9. We felt sorry for all those competitors of ours who can’t seem to sell anywhere near as many processors as we do.

8. Emulate THIS, Power PC!

7. Hey, look! We’ve got a built-in random number generator! (Quick, jack-up the price…)

6. The FDIV bug? That’s nothing! Wait’ll you see what happens when you try to run Windows 95!

5. We were trying to outfox AMD by tricking them into making a processor that works, thus rendering them incompatible!

4. Hey, buddy, we’d like to see YOU hook up 3.3 million transistors right the first time!

3. Actually, the whole thing’s a documentation error. The manual mixed up the opcodes of FDIV with another instruction, FATRA – Floating Point Almost The Right Answer.

2. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. It’s part of our new fuzzy logic support.

1. We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re INTEL!

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