* Freeway congestion is getting so bad, you can change a
tire without losing your place in line.

* Traffic is always heavy in both directions. There are
just as many people trying to get to whatever you’re
trying to get away from.

* You have mixed feelings when you see an opening in rush
hour traffic. You’re glad for the opening, but you wonder
who died.

* The only way to get home from work on time is to take
the day off …. even then, you’re cutting it close.

* Traffic is so bad nowadays, a pedestrian is someone in a

* You can sit on the highways forever. In fact, some
places have little exit ramps where you can pull over and
make a car payment.

* During rush hour the only way you can change lanes is to
buy the car driving next to you.

* Our highways have become insane asylums with turn

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