You Might Be an Engineer If…

Buying flowers for your girlfriend or spending the money to upgrade your RAM is a moral dilemma.
Everyone else on the Alaskan Cruise is on deck peering at the scenery, and you are still on a personal tour of the engine room.
The salespeople at Radio Shack can’t answer any of your questions.
You are at an air show and know how fast the skydivers are falling.
You comment to your wife that her straight hair is nice and parallel.
You have ever saved the power cord from a broken appliance.
You know what http:// stands for.
You see a good design and still have to change it.
You spent more on your calculator than you did on your wedding ring.
You still own a slide rule and you know how to use it.
You think a pocket protector is a fashion accessory.
Your laptop computer costs more than your car.
Your wife hasn’t the foggiest idea of what you do at work.
You’ve ever tried to repair a $5 radio.
You’ve already calculated how much you make per second.

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